What is ShairedSpace?

Stephen Adams teaching with Nick Arrojo in New York International Beauty Show.

Stephen Adams teaching with Nick Arrojo in New York International Beauty Show.

ShairedSpace is a salon for independent stylists. 

It Was created by Stephen Adams and John Fearing of Moxie Hair Salon.  

"We wanted those that wished to become an independent stylist and a small business owner to be able to, and to have  the ability to do that in a safe, professional and educational environment "     Stephen Adams

  Unleash your true creativity and independence by being your own boss with flexible hours.  Independence can still have a level of professionalism and education.  Where growth and skill can blossom into success and profit.

ShairedSpace is looking for stylists with a few years of experience to work with us.  

"Independence doesn't mean you have to be alone."



  • Secure salon location with alarm system

  • Each Stylist has their own salon keys

  • Receptionist available during certain hours

  • Complimentary Wifi for stylist and guests

  • Set up and link your Rosey account (optional) to our system

  • Ability to use your own booking system if desired

  • Complimentary starting your own business class

  • Stylist Profile with images on shairedspace.com(if wanted)

  • Links on the shairedspace website to phone number, online booking (optional)

  • Towels and laundry provided

  • Shampoo bowls supplied with shampoo and conditioners

  • Individual working stations with chair and mirror

  • Work alongside other hairdressers (not alone)

  • Discounted Moxie Advanced Academy classes


  • Have the flexibility and freedom you desire

  • Be your own boss

  • Control your own schedule

  • Book your own appointments and / or some locations will have receptionist

  • Choose how you book your business, on your system, with our system

  • Be in control of your own income, collect your own money and use your own credit card system

  • Be in control of your pricing

  • Supply the colors you and your guests love

  • Must have your own liability insurance

  • Payment options

    • 1+ year (lower rate)

    • Month to Month Higher rate)

    • weekly or monthly payments

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